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We take care of recording all transactions and reconciling your books, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Bookkeeping is the biggest piece of the puzzle for business owners, and we have a great system that takes the burden away.

Want to know how your business is doing? We send monthly reports that break everything down.

Our clients lives and businesses are important to us, and we provide the data necessary to help you make decisions.

Our accounting platform integrates with many other accounting software services and platforms online.

We love the cloud, and have an end-to-end paperless workflow we use for bookkeeping.

Don’t understand accounting? It’s okay, Clay Welch Tax in Folsom, CA can walk you through it.

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Your Trusted Bookkeeper in Folsom, CA

If you’re a business owner, bookkeeping is a requirement.  We insist on everyone keeping a set of books.  Whether you do it (with our guidance), or you have us handle it, this is a vital foundation upon which all of our other services, and your livelihood, depend.  We can’t prepare your business returns without it, you can’t make informed decisions, nor can we help you plan for the future. We offer this service on a monthly basis, as it is time-consuming and needs to be kept up-to-date throughout the year.  This allows us to do tax-planning at the end of the year, and prepare your returns.


We have streamlined this process to require as little interaction from you as possible.  We want this part to be hands-off for you.  In order to do this, we request guest banking and credit card logins.  As part of our privacy policy, we take the security of this information very seriously.  This also gives us a chance to indoctrinate you on the pitfalls of password security.  We like to see clients use randomly generated passwords with multiple factors of authentication, and we strongly recommend everyone use a password manager.  We also practice what we preach.


Because we have guest access, we can grab statements, transactions, check, and deposit images without having to ask you to gather that information.  This saves you lots of time.  Once we have this data, we use it to both perform our bookkeeping services and to create a permanent record of your financial data for future use.  This is important because you most likely bank and borrow from many different institutions who have varying policies for long-term access of your data.  But pulling it all into one place, you can rest easy knowing you’re always going to have access, in one place.


We’re fans of the cloud, and we prefer Quickbooks Online as the platform for our bookkeeping services, but we also support Xero.  Each platform provides a robust cloud-based accounting system.  This allows you, and us, to access the accounting data at any time.  We will set you up with a login, and show you how to access your data, see how your business is doing in real-time, and use it to make decisions.  You don’t need an accounting degree to use it. When you first become a client, it takes some time for us to get to know your business.  We are familiar with many different industries, and will know what most of your transactions will be for.  For the ones we’re unsure about, we will send you a “suspense” list, and ask for some clarification.  The better we get to know you, the less we have to ask.


Depending on the frequency of our services, we will send you periodic reports.  These include standard Income Statement and Balance Sheet financial statements for the period, and a year-to-date comparison.  There are many other accounting reports we can send, so we work closely with you to tailor this reporting package to you.