The C&A Welch Inc Process

Our firm provides an umbrella of tax compliance services, which ensure individuals and small business owners are up to date on Federal, State, and local reporting requirements.  This allows you to focus on what matters: doing what you love.

Over nearly a decade, we have acquired the knowledge and technical know-how which enables us to understand the complex landscape of compliance.

Step 1: Consultation

Our process begins with an initial consultation to determine what your immediate and long-term needs are.  If you’re in the area, we can meet face-to-face, and if not then we can talk over the phone or video chat.  We’re ready to give you a consultation at any time during the year, even if it’s during our busy season.  Every client is different, so we want to determine how we can best serve you and ease your burden.  For every client, we make a recommendation of what you will need that fits your situation, and gives you options to scale with us.  Our involvement with your business or individual situation can grow with you.  Your needs change over time, and we can adapt to that.  We don’t expect everyone to be the same, or for their lives to stay the same every year.  That’s what makes our jobs fun.

Step 2: Welcome Aboard!

If you choose to engage with us for our services, then we will want to get to know you, and we will need you to gather some necessary information.  This starts with a review of your three prior years of tax returns.  We’ll ask you to provide those to us using our secure file portal (SmartVault).  Your information is extremely sensitive, and we take care to keep it secure, please see our Privacy Policy for more information.  This allows us to see how things have been handled in the past.  Once you’re our client, any issues that arise from prior years are ours to help you navigate through.  We have experience communicating directly with Federal and State agencies on our client’s behalf, and can relieve much of the stress involved.  All of this information allows us to get you into our system so we can start tracking compliance tasks and deadlines.

Step 3: We Get To Work

Once we have you onboard, we can start performing regular services. If you’re a business owner, this might include periodic Bookkeeping (usually monthly), annual income tax return filings, quarterly payroll tax return filings, and annual or semi-annual tax planning.  There is usually something to take care of throughout each part of the year.  If you’re an individual, this might include annual income tax return preparation and filing, and annual tax planning.  Maybe you got a new job, and want to know which types of tax-advantaged retirement plans will be more beneficial for you.

Step 4: Repeat

Then we do it all over again!  The next filing season comes out very fast, and we’re always looking down the road for what’s next.  Once you have been a client with us for one filing season, we send you an invite to our online tax organizer which helps you gather documents using last-year’s information as a reference point.  This system also allows you to securely transfer sensitive documents and data to us.

We look forward to working with you.