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Payroll is very complicated, but our system makes it as easy as possible.  You just have to follow a few reminder emails each month… we handle everything else!

Payroll deadlines happen frequently, and we manage all of them for you.

Payroll doesn’t get more simple than this: follow reminder emails each month and we handle everything else.

Labor laws change, and our system handles all required accruals of paid time off.

Direct deposit is included at no extra cost. With Clay Welch, you can rest assured that your direct deposit payroll is in good hands.

We provide a web-based system, and support you as you use it to run payroll.

You can access our system from anywhere, even from an app on your mobile devices or tablets.

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Payroll Services Folsom, CA

Payroll can be one of the most complicated parts of running a business. There are quarterly payroll tax returns that have to be filed with Federal and State agencies (and sometimes multiple State agencies), then there are payroll tax payments which have to be carefully managed to avoid hefty penalties, then there are annual returns, W-2’s and 1099’s which have to be mailed out to employees and contractors.  That’s not to mention actually calculating and paying employees. Please see our Tax Preparation service for more information on Taxes and Tax Preparation.

Certified Online System with User Logins

Our service takes all of the headache out of this:  We have an online system you can access from anywhere.  We handle all of the filings.  You just have to do two things: Login and enter hours to pay employees, and login to create tax paychecks.  Everything happens electronically, and you get email reminders when you need to complete each task.

Everything from Payroll Tax Returns to Training

For a flat monthly fee, we handle the payroll tax returns, provide and support the online system, train you how to use it.  Employees get paid via paper check or direct deposit, and have access to their pay stubs online.  This makes the entire payroll process much easier for you, and helps avoid costly mistakes.  Our payroll system also seamlessly exports transactions back into Quickbooks, so we can track everything.