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You are most important, and we strive to meet, exceed and deliver above your expectations.

Because of our licensing, we can get fast results from government agencies.

We have a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of tax law, and know how to keep you compliant.

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Tax Preparation & Representation

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, everyone has tax filing requirements they have to deal with every year.  Along with Accounting and Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation is a core part of our business. We start in January by sending out an invite to our online tax organizer.  This gives you a list of documents we need, and questions we have in order to prepare your returns.

Uploading Tax Documents

Once you upload everything, and answer each question, we can start on your project.  Typically, this involves more questions from us and a volley of messages/calls/emails in order to get everything all together.  This is just part of the process, since every year is different, and laws and requirements change.

A copy of your returns will be sent over for review

Once we have your information and your returns prepared, we send you a copy to review.  This is not only required by law, but we want you to see the returns.  We’re available for questions, and can explain anything to you as needed.  You then give us the go-ahead by signing and uploading e-file authorization forms, after which we transmit your returns.

Access your Tax Returns in PDF format

Once we have received confirmation of acceptance of your e-filed returns with taxing authorities, we upload a copy of everything into SmartVault, where you can access your returns in PDF format. This gives you access to your returns at any point down the road, and you don’t have to worry about where you placed them.